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The Open System Development Environment

Current and future development of information and communication technologies shows an increased demand in custom made operating systems. Due to its portability and the sheer amount of available packages, GNU/Linux is an Operating System suitable for these needs. Because of the number of available packages and the complexity of putting it all together, creating a custom distribution it is not an easy task.

OpenSDE has an easy configuration tool which makes it the right tool allowing anyone to put together their own GNU/Linux distribution that addresses their specific needs. OpenSDE currently supports well over 2500 software packages and the number is still growing.

Gettings started

Our source tree was moved from subversion to git. You can get the source like this:

This snippet of commands will populate the opensde source tree and the package tree. Our Git repository contains several extra targets, you can check them out at here.

For more information please refer to our wiki.